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I Want You to Be

I'm glad to have a short essay in Issue 12 of Sprout online magazine. This month's theme is "Becoming." 

Here's an excerpt from my piece, "I Want You to Be."

"The most loving of all caring things, and the most caring of all loving things that you can say to someone is not 'I love you,' but 'I want you to be.'"

I'm paraphrasing the above quote, and I no longer remember who said it, but my best friend and I heard it during college and latched onto it. It became shorthand for our friendship: I want you to be. Shorthand for: I love you like a sister. For: I want you to be you, to be all the things you are, to be all the things you dream of, and I want you to simply be in this moment – alive and here and awake to joy.

Find the entire essay, plus poetry, prose, photography, and artwork from many other creative souls, in Sprout #12: Becoming.

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