Jennifer (Jenna) McGuiggan is a creative writer, freelance writer, editor, teacher, and writing coach based in southwestern Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh). She works with clients, students, and publications around the world.

My mini-manifesto on writing & working with others:

"I don't want to
help you,
heal you, or
hallelujah you.
I just want

(you) (and me)

to write,
to connect,
to engage."


Current Features

>One-Moment Memoirs
Next Workshop: May 2, 2015

A live, virtual workshop to help you find and write the stories of your life. 

If I could give you one thing to help you tell the stories of your life, it would be the unique step-by-step process that I share in this class.

One-Moment Memoirs (OMM) is a series of writing exercises designed to help you discover and write the stories of your life. This hands-on workshop will help you take a relaxed, yet focused, approach to telling life's big and small stories in bite-sized pieces. 

You can join the workshop from anywhere in the world. Can't make it live? No worries. All registrants get a recording of the class. 

Learn more and register for OMM.

Other Features

>Read my work on my Portfolio page. Check out these series by me and guest writers: Loquacious, Roller Derby Makes Me Brave, and Everyday Essays.

>Individual Mentoring & Editorial Feedback: Deepen your writing practice and improve your craft. Get personalized support, feedback, and mentoring to help you grow in every area of your writing life.

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