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Join me for the Soul Sisters Conference, a weekend gathering of women who are committed to creating a life of beauty, kindness, and genuine connection.

I'll be hosting a "storytelling carnival" on the theme of "Surprise! Stories of Unexpected Choices."

And these wonderful women will be leading these amazing sessions:

  • Kelly Rae Roberts (Wisdom Jam Session)
  • Molly Mahar (Personifying Your Inner Guide - How to Trust Yourself)
  • Liz Lamoreux (Poem It Out - A New Kind of Selfcare)
  • Bridget Pilloud (Chakra Love)
  • Vivienne McMaster (Invite Yourself into the Visual Story of Your Life)
  • Rachel Cole (Becoming a Well-Fed Woman: Finding & Feasting on Your Truest Hungers)
  • Kate Swoboda (Critics, Chutzpa, & Courage)
  • Rachelle Mee-Chapman (Where Soulcare and Worldcare Meet)

Gathering with kindred spirits, creating, learning, and laughing…well, there's not much in this world that I love more, unless it's sharing stories. And guess what? There's going to be storytelling! To have all of these elements come together within the beautiful tent of a Soul Sisters gathering has me all a-tingle!

Why a Storytelling Carinval?

Stories connect us, illuminate us, and help us to make sense of the world around (and within) us. Watch the power of stories-in-action and hear some true stories told live without a net. Then learn how to find, catch, and shape your own stories.

Why the theme "Surprise! Stories of Unexpected Choices"?

So many of us in this online community of artists, writers, makers, and dreamers regulalry make -- or want to make -- decisions that are a bit (or a lot!) outside the norm. We strive to live fully and authentically, to be true to our unique visions of what the good life means to us. Hearing and sharing stories of unexpected choices helps us in three big ways: 

  • to understand the importance of making those choices;
  • to see that we are skilled enough and powerful enough to determine our own unique way in this world; and
  • to be inspired to see new ways of living, even when it means we have to do something outside of the norm.

One of my most unexpected choices in life was starting to play roller derby at the age of 36, after a lifetime of being sedentary and being supremely uncomfortable with sweating. (No guarantees just yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll be sharing a story or two about this crazy-fun choice and how it's taught me so much about the way I want to live, love, and create.)

The Details & Registraton

  • Soul Sisters Conference ~ October 25-27, 2013 ~ McMennamin's Edgefield, just outside of Portland, Oregon (As you may know, the Pacific Northwest, especially the greater Portland area, is one of my very favorite corners of the world. Oh, and there's an onsite glass blower and potter, and -- get this -- a salt water soaking pool. People! This locale alone is a little slice of delight.)
  • To register, please use this affiliate link. (This link is how I am paid for teaching at the event. Thank you in advance for supporting my work.)
  • You can visit the Soul Sisters Conference website to get more event details. (If you end up clicking through to register from the event website, please consider listing my name as the Soul Sister Speaker who referred you. Thank you!) 

I would love to meet you this October and hear your stories.

Any questions? Let me know.