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 What my clients & students say....

>>Writing, Editing, & Virtual Assistant Servcies

Jennifer Lee
(certified coach, author of The Right Brain Business Plan)

"Jenna helped me copyedit a booklet that was part of a kit I recently launched. I appreciated Jenna's ability to simplify my instructions so that they were clear, direct, and easy to understand. She provided great suggestions for making things more consistent, and she was very detail oriented. Thanks, Jenna, for your professionalism. You were a pleasure to work with!"


photo by Vivienne McMasterLiz Lamoreux
(retreat organizer, author of Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry & Mixed Media and the poetry chapbook Five Days in April)

"Jenna has that editing superhero power of shining up your writing while creating a really comfortable space for conversation and feedback. She's patient, kind, and wicked smart, which are three things you don't always find in the editing world. Both times I worked with her, I was under a tight deadline, and she helped me to feel less stressed, which was a gift in the midst of the craziness that is working on a book that will be going out in the world. She gets that sending that book out is like sending out a piece of your heart. So grateful to consider her part of my team."


photo by Bella CirovicJen Lee
(media producer, author of the poetry chapbook Fortunes)

"You don't want go to press or to submit without an expert set of eyes going over your work. Jenna is thorough and professional with an ability to see right to the heart every project she's edited for me. The whole process builds confidence and brings peace of mind, whether you're a writer, publisher or producer."




Madelyn Mulvaney
(writer, photographer, artist educator)

"Jenna saved my life. Period. In a month where I was overloaded with work and requests from editors, she swooped in with creative brilliance to 'pen' a proposal for my 'open to exposure' project on very (very) short notice. Her writing was professional and visionary and yet at the same time deeply intuitive, capturing the flavor or my own 'voice.' She is sensitive and graceful, humorous and deeply generous. Jenna's writing is wonderfully organic and gifted, and I can't wait to work with her once again ~ the entire experience with her was such a complete delight."

Crystal Busby

(photographer, technical writer)

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! This is exactly what I had in mind, and I'm so impressed you could take my ramblings and make them into something coherent. I am be-yond happy with the work you did, and would love to work with you on any other projects I have that require your goddess skill set. Many, many thanks. While I knew you were a talented writer, the products you delivered exceeded any expectation I had. Your tagline should be, 'Skip eLance, come directly to The Word Cellar.'"

Patty Kreamer
(professional organizer, speaker, author)

"You are awesome! You were able to improve the flow without changing my voice. I thank you for that. Your comments really got right to the core of some of the awkwardness. Not only are you good at what you do, but you are professional."

>>Mentoring & Editorial Feedback Services

Making the decision to use a writing coach scared me to death. Choosing Jenna took the edges of that fear and opened me up to all kinds of possibility. Not only is Jenna knowledgeable about the craft of writing, she also has a knack for asking the right questions and then giving me the space to answer them no matter how much I ramble. I often hear myself saying things I wasn't aware of knowing!

When I started coaching sessions with Jenna, I felt deflated about my writing after a negative experience in a university workshop. As I talked to Jenna about all the doubts and fears that experience brought up for me, I felt understood. My time with Jenna has been quite the opposite of that workshop; her suggestions, critique and other direction is honest, empathetic, and respectful. I always come away from a session with her feeling positive and excited about my writing.

Jenna has helped me with everything from the details that can give a piece of writing its energy to the bigger context that holds those details together. I'm writing about things I never dreamed I could put to paper in a way that was both meaningful and well-written. I'm even considering writing a book – something I've always said I would never do!

(Kimberley McGill, blogger and writer)

>>Workshops & Classes

"I am still amazed at the sheer amount of amazing (and totally usable/practical/universal) content you provided in Alchemy: The Art & Craft of Writing. It was so full of goodness. I'm not sure I conveyed how satisfying it was to take part and access your brain for those weeks of writing." (Meredith Winn, writer, photography, featured Alchemy guest and course participant)

** ** **

"This class is amazing, and you are an amazing person and gifted teacher." (Ell C., Alchemy student)

** ** **

"I really appreciated your feedback! Your words were not at all what I had expected; my writing experiences have been met with red pen/pencil and all the things that are wrong... Your feedback was gentle and very encouraging!" (Lisa Lewis, Alchemy student)

** ** **

"I'm really enjoying Jenna's Alchemy: The Art & Craft of Writing course. I've loved Jenna's writing for a while now, so I was super excited to take the class and learn from her. The e-course is not only well-organized but it's inspiring, filled with interesting prompts and insights and really dissects the art of writing. I love that Jenna features a variety of different experts to lend their insights, too. While I haven't finished the course yet, I can already say without hesitation that I highly recommend it." (Margarita Tartakovsky, Alchemy student)

** ** **

"Thank you for hosting this safe place to come, learn, share, be inspired and not be afraid. Thank you for offering Alchemy and Alchemy Daily. I continue learning ways to weave my words together and hope someday to have a tangible tale upon which to look back. Your teachings here have offered me more eggs to add to my creativity nest. I am excited for what is yet to come." (Kristina Wood, alchemy student)>>

>>Lanterns: A Gathering of Stories

"Lanterns arrived in the mail today, and it is a treasure. So full of a feeling of connection among women, warmth, and realness. I love how you introduce each writer through your relationship with her. I'm really enjoying reading it." (Sandra Flear, www.sandraflear.com)

** ** **

"I wanted to let you know how much happiness your little Lanterns book has brought to my little part of the world. I love everything about it. It is the perfect small size to nestle in the side pocket of my tote bag, a size that feels personal & allows me to get close. Thank you for all the stories, for the poems, for the truth of the realness of friendships formed online." (D Smith Kaich Jones, www.emmatree.blogspot.com)

** ** **

"I just had to write and tell you, I found a delightful treasure in my mail box today: your book! Oh my gosh I can't wait to cozy in for the night and read your treasure of a book. Thank you so much for sending it out so quickly. Any book that you come out with, I want!" (Sally Minyard)

** ** **

"Thank you. I just finished reading Lanterns. Thank you for being brave, for bringing together great love and authentic energy for others to read and enjoy. I too believe that it is the networks of women and artists who will save the world by flooding it with amazing, connected, loving energy." (Susan Pease, author of The Present)

** ** **

"My copy of Lanterns arrived a few days ago. Thank you for following the dream to make such a collection. There were so many moments in reading it that the words resonated with my heart." (Karen Poland)

** ** **

"Lanterns is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for creating such a wonderful gathering of stories. Two and a half years ago my world crumbled. Everything I knew and trusted was gone. It's been a long and at times painful journey to a new normal. The stories in your book inspire me, move me, touch me, and are helping to connect me to me. Thank you!" (Kristen Timmers, www.scrumptulicious.com)

** ** **

"Your book is one of the best I have read this year! It really spoke to my creative heart – the photos, the poems, the writing. It truly shines a light. I am grateful that you took the time to express your hearts and spread your light. I can hardly stop reading. . . but want to savor it slowly and let it sink deep into my being. Each one of you expressed yourself in the most poignant ways. Lovely, lovely book!" (Pamela Welter)