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The Word Cellar Writing Workshops

Small group, MFA-style workshops for prose writers

Workshops form on a rolling basis. 

You write, you read, you rewrite. And then you wonder: Does it work? Will people understand? Will they be moved? Will they get it?

The Word Cellar Writing Workshops are for you if...

...you want to take you writing deeper and  w i d e r  than ever before.
...you want to connect with other writers.   

...you want to polish a piece of writing before sending it out into the world (to publications, agents, or editors).
...you want to learn more about the craft of writing.
...you want to practice reading – and responding – like a writer.
...you want to practice giving truly constructive (and kind) feedback.
...you want to practice accepting and using feedback.



These workshops are small, intensive, MFA-style workshops in which you exchange writing, as well as  feedback, with other writers. I facilitate the group and provide in-depth editorial feedback, as well. The workshops are designed for writers with at least a small body of work already underway. (Publication is absolutely not necessary.) Writers who are in the intermediate to intensive stages of their writing life are invited to sign-up. No previous workshop experience is necessary. (As part of the workshop you'll receive a "workshopping" tutorial.)

Workshop groups are limited to four writers. This group size is small enough to be intimate, friendly, and manageable, but large enough to give you a variety of viewpoints.

Your writing is your art, your vision, and your gift (one you've been given and one that you give). The art and craft of writing is one part technique, one part inspiration, and one part practice. One of the most integral ways to hone, deepen, and expand upon all three of these parts is to share your work with other writers for feedback.


  • You'll submit 10 to 30 pages of your prose (fiction or literary nonfiction) to the group.
  • Over the next several weeks, you'll read the other writers' submissions and provide detailed feedback on what's working well and what isn't working as well.
  • We'll share this feedback with each other through a private group blog and through weekly calls.
  • I'll provide in-depth editorial feedback on your writing, facilitate the group calls and private group blog, provide useful and inspirational resources, and be available for questions throughout the workshop experience.


  • In-depth, useful, and respectful feedback on your writing from me and the other workshop participants
  • Five group calls (at least 1 hour per call), with one call dedicated to discussing your writing
  • One 50-minute private coaching session with me to discuss your writing and creative life
  • Private group blog to share feedback and support with workshops participants
  • Personalized recommendations for reading, writing, and creativity practices throughout the workshop experience
  • A "workshopping" tutorial on how to create and participate in a useful, respectful workshop (including group guidelines, goals, and privacy expectations)


I've worked as a writer, editor, mentor, and teacher since 2003. I have  an undergraduate degree in English, plus an Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing (literary nonfiction focus) from Vermont College of Fine Arts, where I participated in workshops with fiction writers, nonfiction writers, and poets.

I've studied and worked with the following authors and poets: Laurie Alberts, Carolyn Cooke, Mark Cox, Sascha Feinstein, Connie May Fowler, Douglas Glover, Patrick Madden, Howard Norman, Christopher Noël, Robert Root, Mary Ruefle, Sue William Silverman, Rebecca Skloot, Larry Sutin, Robert Vivian. Over the past 11 years, I've taught and mentored hundreds of students and writers in-person, online, and by phone.


I know this is an important investment for your writing. If you have any questions, please email me jennifer{at}thewordcellar{dot}com. I'm happy to help you decide if this workshop is right for you. (I also offer individual writing apprenticeships and editorial feedback services.)


To start the registration process, please fill out this short application form. I'll contact you to discuss upcoming workshops.


Workshops form on a rolling basis. 


Workshop Fee: $600. (This includes all sessions, materials, and feedback. No payment is due until you are placed in a workshop. Payment plans are available; please ask.)