What Students Say....

"I am still amazed at the sheer amount of amazing (and totally usable/practical/universal) content you provided in Alchemy: The Art & Craft of Writing. It was so full of goodness. I'm not sure I conveyed how satisfying it was to take part and access your brain for those weeks of writing." ~Meredith Winn, featured guest and course participant

"This class is amazing, and you are an amazing person and gifted teacher." ~ Ell C.

"I really appreciated your feedback! Your words were not at all what I had expected; my writing experiences have been met with red pen/pencil and all the things that are wrong... Your feedback was gentle and very encouraging!" ~ Lisa Lewis
"I'm really enjoying Jenna's Alchemy: The Art & Craft of Writing course. I've loved Jenna's writing for a while now, so I was super excited to take the class and learn from her. The e-course is not only well-organized but it's inspiring, filled with interesting prompts and insights and really dissects the art of writing. I love that Jenna features a variety of different experts to lend their insights, too. While I haven't finished the course yet, I can already say without hesitation that I highly recommend it." ~ Margarita Tartakovsky

"Thank you for hosting this safe place to come, learn, share, be inspired and not be afraid. Thank you for offering Alchemy and Alchemy Daily. I continue learning ways to weave my words together and hope someday to have a tangible tale upon which to look back. Your teachings here have offered me more eggs to add to my creativity nest. I am excited for what is yet to come." ~ Kristina Wood

Classes, Community, & Resources

Self-Care for Wrtiters (interactive podcast)

So many writers (and other creatives) are struggling right now. We may feel weighed down by political issues around the world. The holidays may be a time of grief or stress for us (even if they’re also mixed with joy). The roar of social media might make our heads swim. We might be wondering how to stay focused or inspired in the midst of what feels like so much sadness and discord.

During this one-hour interactive podcast (recorded December 2016) we share some creative self-care tips and spend some time writing together. 

This podcast is part of The Word Cellar Writers Guild's free resource library


Writing Masquerade (teleclass)
*Free for members of The Word Cellar Writers Guild, our online community and resource center for writers.  

Come to the Writing Masquerade! In this recorded teleclass, we'll play "dress-up" with our writing and explore different facets of our writing voices. 

This is a fun, interactive workshop about that thing we call writing voice. We start by covering a few basics about voice, including:

  • What is writing voice?
  • Do you have to "find" your voice?
  • How do you use it?
  • Do you have just one voice? (hint: The answer is no!)

Next, we use a "writing masquerade" exercise to explore our writing voices. By trying on imaginary writing masks, we tap into different aspects of our writing personalities and discover what suits us  and our stories.

This teleclass (recorded October 2016) is suitable for writers of all genres and experience levels. It will build on The Word Cellar Writers Guild writing module "Page Presence: Unleash Your Writing Voice," but you don’t need to have completed that module to benefit from this event.

This class is FREE for members of The Word Cellar Writers Guild*! 

Choose a monthly membership for $37 and gain access to all of our educational and community resources for writers. You may cancel at any time.

The Word Cellar Writers Guild

The Word Cellar Writers Guild is an online, membership community for writers who crave more creativity, more community, and a deeper understanding of the craft of writing.

Membership includes: 

  • Monthly Writing Modules
  • Supportive Community
  • Prompts & Exercises
  • Live Virtual Events
  • Resource Library
  • Inspiring Guests
  • Peer Feedback
  • Book Club
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Surprises Goodies

Learn more and register here. 



The Word Cellar Writing Workshops

Workshops form on a rolling basis. Now enrolling. 

These are small group, MFA-style workshops for prose writers. We meet via phone or video chat, so you can join us from anywhere in the world.  

>Receive in-depth, useful, and constructive feedback on your work from other writers and the group facilitator.
>Participate in weekly group calls.
>Receive personalized recommendations and support.
>Start new work or prepare for publication. 

Learn more and apply for a workshop here.

One-Moment Memoirs
(open enrollment; self-paced class)

One-Moment Memoirs (OMM) guides you through a step-by-step process of discovering and telling your life's stories in bite-sized pieces. You'll be able to use these writing exercises for writing in short forms (such as essays, flash nonfiction, and blog posts) or as the building blocks for longer forms (such as a book-length memoir). Learn more about OMM.


The Writing Life: Rituals, Rhythms, & Practices
(online class)

When you understand your unique creative process, you'll be more relaxed, prolific, and consistent in your writing practice. Unravel the myth of the "Real Writer," create a sustainable writing practice, and write with more ease and more fun! Learn more about The Writing Life here. (Registration is currently closed. Join the mailing list to hear about future sessions.)

Write into the Heart of Your Story
(online class) 

Writing strong, engaging essays and stories from your life is about more than recording a series of events. Learn how to improve your writing by using proven techniques to creating greater meaning and connection. Learn more about Write into the Heart of Your Story. (Registration is currently closed. Join the mailing list to hear about future sessions.)



Alchemy Daily e-book
Download now
30 days of writing prompts, inspiration, and magic

The Alchemy Daily e-course is now an e-book of 30 juicy writing prompts plus nuggets of inspiration and encouragement. This is for anyone who wants to write, whether you're new to the world of words or a longtime acquaintance of the page. Let Alchemy Daily guide you, inspire you, hold your hand, and be your cheerleader.


Mentoring & Apprenticeships

Writing Mentoring & Apprenticeship Packages

Personal writing apprenticeships and mentoring sessions to address the key areas of your writing life

*Writing: Name and embrace your writing dreams and set monthly goals.

*Feedback: Strengthen your writing by sharing it for feedback

*Reading: Grow as a writer by learning to read like a writer.

*Support: Balance out the solitary nature of writing with lively mentoring conversations twice a month and additional email check-ins.


Past Offerings

These offerings are currently on hiatus.


Alchemy Inspiration: Start Writing

*Give yourself the time, space, and permission to write.

*Overcome the fear that blocks your creativity.

*Find the stories around and within you.

*Uncover and use your writing voice(s).

*Explore your unique creative process.

*Connect with other writers in a private online community.

Alchemy: The Art & Craft of Writing 

*Learn practical writing techniques to give your stories deeper meaning.

*Craft stories that connect with readers.

*Discover tips and tricks to overcome your writing challenges.

*Be motivated to keep writing through weekly nuggets of inspiration.